20+ Mini Militia Names Ideas For Avatar Unique List

If you are looking for some cool and unique mini militia names then this is the right destination. You can use these names anywhere. ‘Name’ leaves different effects on personality that’s why choosing a different name is important and at the same time its eye-catching as well.

mini militia names

List Of Mini Militia Names

1) Mad dolly

It is a wild character; it’s unbeatable and non-comparable with anyone. It never loses any challenge and makes the other players face death.

2) Malevolent

Malevolent is a violent character that has no mercy for anyone. Many players fear when their name comes around. It is known as destroying all the tricks of other players, as he is a master of his own.

3) Black-hearted

A player who has a heart of stone. Maleficent filled with cruelty tyranny and envy for others

4) Brutish boy

A self-obsessed boy who feels nothing for others. Just trying to be on the top.

5) Dead killer

He can kill in many ways with weapons and karate. He never fails to hit on target and recognizes the traitor quite fast.

6) Evil Hunter

Hunts others aim and don’t let them achieve or conquer in their target.

7) Insane pigeon

Gentle in manner but has powerful flight muscles, they are strong, swift fliers. Good-hearted have a comfort corner in their heart for others. Believe in unity work against the enemy.

8) Wild storm

Destroying everyone and everything. Naturally, the storm has the potential to harm lives and property. A wild storm is very terrific, indeed.

9) Gangsta girl/boy

A criminal always in action possesses qualities as extortion, vandalism, theft stabbings.

10) Mr. XYZ

Well known but still unknown. A mysterious character never exposes the next step or plans, always moves with secret goals and plans. One can say Mr. XYZ is in action always.

11) Furious Ninja

Always angry. Never calms down, has a burning desire inside to prove others wrong.

12) Electric Dolphin

Dolphin is adored by everyone due to its innocence. Gives electric shocks to others so that others regret messing up with it. Soft in looks but cruel in mind.

13) Mista Bombastic

A man, who always considers himself fantastic, has good eloquence but talks meaningless sentences. Always ready to attack, owns a helicopter, and drops bombs with laughing gas when fighting.

14) Technical Lover

Loves based on profit make relations and friendship with purpose. It has a mind full of techniques and deals sharply with love.

15) Dynamic Killer

An energetic, zestful, sparky, and bold character. Lacks empathy and poor control over emotions and has impulsive behavior.

16) Alpha skater

Magnificent time manager, polite in manner, always ready for competition, enthusiastic, a dominant character.

17) Power avenger

Has an iconic capability.

18) Deadly acid

A character who load guns with acid and feel no mercy for its enemy. A player who is ready to win every battle no matter which path he has to choose.

19) Dragon soul

Everybody would like to fly at least once in life, to experience the freedom and vastness of the sky. Dragon Soul is ready to fly high and freely. Always ready to capture its prey by appearing suddenly in front of it.

20) Bold doll

Boldness is a trait that comes by facing so many hard and harsh moments in life. This is a girl who becomes brave and ready to face.

21) Ghost shooter

This shooter has something unique and that is the quality of shooting and not being visible to its enemy. Ghost shooter is one of the best mini militia names for the ghost mod.