Top Mini Militia like Games [Doodle Army 2 | MM2 ] – Easily Available

Mini Militia is gratification for everyone to play. It got a fight, battle, guns, weapons, gas bombs, customized avatar, etc to keep a player engaged. But we know players are always looking for more adventurous, that’s why Mini Militia like Games.

Adventurous not necessarily when it comes to the gameplay, but about the themes, and the variations. The play store has so many games just like Mini Militia. But you can’t just download each and every game to test which one you like more than the Mini Militia.

Top Mini Militia like Games

For this reason, we have created a list of top 3 games similar to the Mini Militia. This list is along with its description for your comfort and easiness.

1) PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the famous shooting games that are similar to the Mini Militia. It is known as the best fighting game of the play store till now. It is a multiplayer game and players have the option to play with up to 99 players at a time.

In this game, players choose a specific map and a specific mode to play alone or with to play with their choice of friends. The main aim of this game is to fight until you are dead or until your opponent is dead. The secondary goal here is to gather as many weapons, resources, supplies, etc as possible.

There are a few developers behind this tempting game. The developers of this game are PUBG Corporation, Krafton, and Lightspeed & Quantum. You can play this game on both Android and IOS platforms.

I must say it is the best game and popular nowadays most it is a game like a mini militia.

game like mini militia

2) Shadow Fight 3

Another indistinguishable game as the Mini Militia is the Shadow Fight 3. If you are a die heart fan of fighting games, then you must not miss Shadow Fight 3. The gameplay of Mini Militia is aggressive and belligerent.

There are three variations of fighting styles for you to select from. Select your desired style and start fighting. Besides these styles, you can jump, fly, bend, etc. You get a vast variety of weapons in this game.

Just like Mini Militia, Shadow Fight 3 has two different modes: online and offline. The first version of Shadow Fight came out back in 2011, followed by Shadow Fight 2, which came out in 2013. Shadow Fight 3 was launched in 2017. You can play this game both on Android and IOS platforms.

Shadow Fight 3 game like mini militia-min

3) Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is another game that is relatable to the Mini Militia. Gameloft is the developer of this game. Unlike the Mini Militia, Modern Combat 5 have only 1 play mode. This game can’t be played as a single mode. In fact, it is a multiplayer game.

You can choose a specific amount of your friends in order to fight with other players. These players will be from anywhere around the world. You can pick your fighting style, customized your character, select your weapons from a huge variety.

Just like Mini Militia, you can play this game either online or offline according to your requirements and needs.

Modern Combat 5 game like mini militia

The list above of Mini Militia like Games is created on our experience, many games we played but the best are mentions above.