Mini Militia Invisible Mod Apk Download Free [Ghost Hack]

The official Mini Militia has a new hack called Mini Militia Invisible Hack Mod APK, which will give you a superpower in the game. This superpower will make you invisible, and you can act as the boss of the game.

Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?

In the newly introduced hack, make you act similar to a ghost. In doodle army two invisible hack MOD APK, you can attack anyone without being seen. Now, no way can take you away from earning points in this game.

Mini Militia Invisible Hack

Game Overview

You’ve got unlimited health, unlimited nitro, and unlimited ammo, so what is it now that can be provided to the players of Mini Militia so their game wouldn’t be boring?

You can change the avatar in an invisible ghost MOD or a transparent MOD version. Using this hack, none of your enemies will be able to see you.

Not just you, they wouldn’t be able to see your weapons, clothes, bombs, etc. as well. Does that mean that my enemies wouldn’t even know whether there is a bomb coming towards them? Absolutely!

The only visible part about you will be your gun. However, with some extra steps, you can make it unseen too.

Mini Militia Invisible Hack Download

NameMini Militia Invisible Hack MOD
Download pageDownload
Last Update1 day age.


This mini militia hidden mod apk version hack has many more features as compared to any other hacked versions of Mini Militia. Some of its features are mention below:

  • You have a great opportunity of making your character or avatar unseen. You will be transparent and can move anywhere and attack from anywhere.
  • Another exciting feature of it is that not just your character will be transparent. Still, the clothes, weapons, bombs, etc. will also be invisible for your avatar.
  • An additional characteristic of this game is that you get 7 X magnification zoom for free, which means that you can have an even brighter and clearer view or display than before.
  • Just like other modified versions of Mini Militia MOD APK, you get unlimited ammo, unlimited nitro, no reloading, etc.
  • Your guns will be loaded automatically. You will not have to charge them anymore. It will save a lot of time so you can focus on killing your enemies.
  • Get unlimited weapons such as bombs and guns to kill your opponents.
  • Unlimited flying option, so you don’t have to stick on the ground for shooting.
  • Option to kill your enemy in one shot only.

Mini Militia Invisible Hack Mod features

How to install Mini Militia, Invisible Hack

It’s easy to install you can follow the steps which are below for you your PC and for the mobile phone.

Install in Phone

Installing Invisible Hack is the same as its other versions, but now the question is, how can you make your avatar unseen, I wonder? You can make your avatar invisible by following the steps below:

  1. Install and open the APK Editor Pro App.
  2. Choose “Select an APK file.”
  3. Scroll down, look for and select “Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Apk file”.
  4. Choose “Simple edit (file replacement).”
  5. Go down to “Assets,” and from there, look for a folder named “HD.”
  6. Search for the file called “png” and save this file in your internal memory of the phone and then open this file using any photo editing tool.
  7. Once opened, remove the body parts of the avatar or remove the weapons that your avatar is carrying according to your likings and save the file.
  8. Replace the “menuTexture.png” file.
  9. Save and wait for the new APK to be built. Install and enjoy the game.

Please note that instead of removing the body parts, you can also add your face, the face of an actor, actress, or any other image out there.

You can also change the background of Mini Militia by going into the HD folder and replace the image with the one you like to have as your background.

Install For PC

Everyone talks about playing Invisible Hack mini militia MOD APK for Android, but what if you don’t have a phone? Or you don’t have enough capacity? There is no need to worry. Follow these easy steps to run Mini Militia Invisible Hack MOD APK version in your PC.

Please note that you will require an Android Emulator to have this game running on your PC.

  1. Download the Mini Militia Ghost version.
  2. Open the Android Emulator and hold for a while.
  3. You are done. This is all you have to do.

Personal Experience About Mini Militia Ghost Version Hack

I used to think that Mini Militia Wall Hack MOD APK is one of the best hacks of Mini Militia until I played doodle army 2 Invisible Hack APK. What is going on, the more hacks I play for this series, the more obsessed and excited I get.

Each version is becoming my favorite. For this specific hack, you can be invisible, which is all we need since we don’t want to be seen by our opponents. You are the king of the game in this specific mod.

dd2 invisible mod

User Reviews

Here are some reviews from the players of mini militia unseen avatars:

This is one of the best games. None of the players can’t see us, but we can see them and attack them. WOW!Arnab Bose
OH my God!. This is like the best game I ever played. I never get tired of playing this game, and this is my favorite.Visha


Mini Militia Invisible Avatar Hack MOD APK version is the most liked and played hack out of the Mini Militia hacks. This hack contains the most exciting features, such as invisible superpowers.

You can change the appearance of your avatar in this game, or you can also make your avatar invisible. If the opponent can’t see you, it’s always a WIN.

Thank you for reading!