Mini Militia Cheat Codes Updated – Developer Created

Mini Militia Cheat Codes will make your life more immeasurable and monumental. These cheats are overwhelmed throughout the internet in the form of many hacks, numerous cheats, and countless tips or tricks.

Please note that the hacks specifically are in the form of MOD APKs, and you will have to download them apart from the game Mini Militia themselves.

But what if you don’t have enough storage in your phone to download these additional MOD APKs? Or if you don’t want to ruin your fun using these pro hacked versions of the game?

mini militia cheat codes

Undeniably, these hacks will make you feel like there is nothing to chase in the game anymore. So, what to do? It’s pretty straightforward. Use cheat codes to get limited free features to avoid your game being dull and boring yet not so complicated to play as well.

Get Mini Militia Cheat Codes

You can use the developer’s created doodle army 2 cheat codes for the android to take advantage of many features such as speeding up while passing through a level, protection for your avatar, powerful bullets, etc.

Use the following doodle army 2 cheat codes to overstate and to magnify your game into something interesting. Some of the chat codes are down below:

For the free shield (AS-197io12HTV)

In order to get a shield of protection for your avatar, you need to type AS-197io12HTV using your keyboard while playing this game. This cheat code will give you external immortality, so you don’t get killed even from an attack of any opponent.

For some free bullets (EB-RLi97Typ4)

MOD APKs will give you an option to auto-reload. However, this feature is not provided to the players if they are not using any of the hacks MOD. You will have to reload your gun yourself.

A cheat here is to use code: EB-RLi97Typ4. This cheat code will give you some extra bullets so your gun will last your longer without a reload.

For a free successful attack (MA-RDio27474)

If an opponent is close to you, you have a cheat available to melee attack your enemy. You will have to enter the code: MA-RDio27474. This code will give you a quick battle and a quick win from your opponent. This attack will also help you to take out the protective shield of the opponent as well.

For a free upgraded version of the weapons (WU-MN45789)

If you don’t have enough coins to buy advanced weapons in the game, but you are willing to try them at least, so use the cheat code: WU-MN45789. This cheat code will upgrade your current weapon.

No matter which gun you are holding, it doesn’t matter. This code will provide you the updated version of that particular gun in no time what so ever.


How do these cheat codes work?
These cheat codes are installed in the server of the game by the developers of Mini Militia. Once you enter the selected code, the code will check its validity with the backend coding. If it is valid, it will provide you with the selected facility. If it’s invalid, then no message will appear on the screen.
How do enter these cheat codes in a mini militia?
All you have to do is to enter the required code using your keyboard, and you will be granted the free selected resource. Make sure to enter these codes exactly how they appear on your screen. Be aware of upper cases and lower cases.
How many bullets will I get using the free bullet code?
If you enter the bullet code: EB-RLi97Typ4, you will be able to get a free refill for bullets in your gun. The bullets will depend on the type of gun you are holding. For example: if you are holding a standard gun which takes 7 bullets so you will be given 7 bullets.

Wrap Up

All you have to do is type any of the required doodle army 2 cheat codes using your keyboard. Once typed, press enters to get again from it. Please note that these cheat codes will only work if you have the developer’s mode enabled of the game.