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Another modified version Mini Militia by AKZ with a lot of new features. What will get in this modified version are powerful guns, the guns which you never have seen before in any other version. Is it not something cool? Guess what the power of these guns is on the next level.

Guns are not the only thing which player is going to get in this version, new types of weapons link new types of bombs will also available to make your gameplay more exciting.

Mini Militia by AKZ

Download Mini Militia by AKZ

AKZ mini militia below for downloading, enjoy your game with a lot of exciting features that never had in other versions. This version is for android device but you can also install in Windows or MAC by installing some additional softwares.

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Last Update1 day age.


Some of the features of this specific MOD APK are down below:

New Guns

In this mod, hacker added some new fascinated weapons in order to attract the players. These weapons are in the form of guns and gas bombs. Now you have the latest weapons means more accuracy and more efficiency in hitting your target.


Another thrilling feature which is added in this specific version is about bombs player will get the new type of bombs like gas bombs and many other which are not seen before in any other modified version.

What’s makes this version more exciting all the weapons are unlimited. Now nobody can stop you to win the battle in-game.

One-shot kill

One-shot kill is added in this MOD APK. It means that the guns are strong enough to create enough damage to destroy the opponents completely. The player doesn’t need to do multiple fires to destroy the target.

Muti Guns

Players also have the ability to use dual gun functionality in the Mini Militia by AKZ. The player can fire from multiple guns at a time.

dd2 multiple guns


The gameplay of this MOD APK is exactly like the original Mini Militia. This MOD APK has three different modes of the game, which includes: Training Mode, Survival Mode, and Multiplayer Mode.

Players get proper training in the Training Mode and Survival Mode. The aim of the gameplay is you defeat the opponent. Defeating the opponent gets easier when a player gets the latest weapons.

Personal Experience

Honestly, I played almost all mod versions of MM2 but I am in love with this dd2 by AKZ. The reason is you got the weapons that you never have in any other mod version. The most loving feature is fire from multiple guns wow! Player has multiple guns with a feature of one-shot kill now you imagine in which condition enemies will be.

I recommend all of you guys, you will fall in love with this mod version.


What features are in mini militia AKZ?
There are many new features in it, but the most prominent features are new weapons, dual gun functionality, and one-shot kill.  These are features will make your game-play amazing.
Is AKZ is the best mini militia mod?
It depends on what type of features you are looking for. There are many mods in which we have a different feature like unlimited health, wallhack, etc. It’s hard to give the title of best to this mod, but unlimited everything has the most features.
In this version can we get unlimited health?
No, in this version players don’t get unlimited health, but there are other features you will get in it. For unlimited version, check unlimited health hack.
Who is the owner of the mini militia?
Tencent is a Chinese company that owns mini militia. They work both in China and globally, there are so many other products which this company owns.