Mini Militia Mod APK Pro Pack [God Mod] Download

mini militia mod apk download

Do you love playing Mini Militia? Are you worried because of its limitations, such as restricted heath and standard weapons? These limitations make this game so much exhausting to play. All in one mini militia mod Apk pro pack (latest version) is the solution to your problem.

You don’t need to worry anymore. Stay stress-free, download free hack version in just one click. With this cracked version, you can unlock all features for free of a cost.

It offers features such as rare and epic weapons, avatar outfits, unlimited heath, no reload, unlimited nitro, infinite ammo, and many more exciting features.

Wow! Now, this is amazing.

Mini Militia Mod APK Unlimited [Free Download]

The size of this particular game is only 35.6 MB. This game will provide you All-in-one-Mod meaning everything is unlimitedMini militia download mod for Android from the link below and Happy gaming.

App NamePro Pack [unlimited]
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Last Update1 day age.

Game Overview

Pro version is a two-dimensional (2D) shooting game for single players and multiple players with all free features who are using the Android platform.

Appsomniacs LLC developed this game in April 2011, but it was officially launched in March 2015.

Do you want to test your abilities? This Game enhances your mental ability since you will have to coherently use all of your resources, which will help you fight against your opponents.

This game has various modes for you to play, such as single-player mode or multiplayer mode. Furthermore, you can play MM in both online modes and offline modes.

You can play online with six players, or you can also play offline with twelve friends through a Hotspot or Bluetooth.

The avatar is dropped in the air with few grenades when the game starts. Each game lasts for approximately 6 minutes and 30 seconds. The user has to fight and kill as many opponents as possible within this time interval.

MM requires you to be as active as possible since an attacker can attack from anywhere and anytime.

Doodle Army 2 MOD Game-Play Unlimited

Once the app is opened and loaded, the user is displayed with eight options, to begin with.  The options displayed on the menu are the following:

mini militia options

  • Upgrade option.
  • Login option.
  • Quick Play option.
  • Play an Online option.
  • Practice option.
  • Avatar.
  • Settings.
  • Store.
  • Friends.

After killing the opponent, there are certain weapons in DD2 that can be picked by Mod users only. The Mod version of MM is available to download. You are just one click away from god mod Mini Militia hack Apk, download from here.

Two different options are given if the Solo Play is chosen, such as Training and Survival. Users can practice using these options before moving towards Quick Play or Multiplayer mode.

In Training Mode, the user gets training by Coach Sarge and attends training sessions regarding all the necessary controls and weapons.

Users can practice fighting with the enemies in the Survival game under the coaching of Coach Sarge, who will help to fight with the enemies.

Features of Mini Militia God Mod Unlimited Everything

Feature attracts! A game is nothing without its features. Some of the features for this game are listed below:

  • Up to six players can play together in Multiplayer mode, or up to 12 players can play using a hotspot.
  • This game offers a variety of modern weapons so you can lead towards victory. There is a total of 18 guns to choose from.
  • If you don’t have a WIFI connection, then you can enjoy Solo Play, which offers two options:
    1. Training Mode
    2. Survival Mode.
  • Proper training is provided before starting a battle.
  • No limited to a few locations. You can explore and choose from 20 different maps.
  • Avatars are customizable, such as change the face, body, accessories, and outfit.
  • Fly as much as you want to with unlimited Jetpacks Nitro for 10-15 seconds.
  • Reloading of guns can cause a delay in shooting. This game provided auto reloads.

Avatar Customization

One of the most interesting features of Mini Militia’s full pack hack APK is its avatar customization. DD2 provides you with the facility to transform your dull looking character into a well-dressed avatar. Great, just dress up your character; however, you want it to look!

You can change the character’s face, the shape of the head, outfit, shoes, accessories, gloves, and many more.

However, there are some restrictions for the free user when it comes to the customization since some options will be unlocked only when the user buys the MM pro version, but don’t worry! The mod version of Doodle Army 2  comes with all pro features in free.

mini militia features

Isn’t it incredibly awesome?

To change the appearance of your avatar, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Go under the setting of the game.
  • Click on Avatar.
  • Here you can change the appearance of your character.
  • You can also rename your character here.
  • Click on save, once completed changing.

Different Mini Militia Mod Versions

Variety matters to keep interested. DD2 offers different MODs like Mega Mode, God Mod, Wall-hack, and Unlimited Health which are discussed below:

 Mega MOD APK  provides unlimited ammo, grenades, health, and nitro. The main feature of this MOD is One-Shot Kill, which means that you can kill your opponent with one bullet only.

 God MOD APK  is best for the users who want to increase their battle points. Here you can enjoy unlimited zooms.

 Health MOD APK  will give you immortality, which means you will not lose your health no matter how many times an opponent tries to kill you.

 Wall Hack MOD APK  allows you to pass and fly through the walls. Nobody can kill you if you hide inside the wall.

 Invisible Mod APK  allows you to become invisible like a ghost and kill all the other players.

Game Controls

doodle army 2 controls

The controls for a game are unique as compare to other 2D games. The controls are a bit tougher when using for the first time. However, the more you play, the more used you get.

You can hide, shoot, jump, and kill in this game, but what makes it so unique then? This game has two control wheels, which includes controlling the mechanisms and controlling the avatar.

This means you will have to move your character at the same time as your killing your enemy. The movement of the character is slower. However, this becomes fine as you play.

You get the zoom facility here, which you need to manage while operating your avatar and killing opponents.

At the right bottom hand side of the screen, you will be displayed with the remaining health and the flying capacity with pink and blue colors;  Although health and the flying capacity is unlimited because of Doodle Army 2 mod.

Sound and Graphics

Mini Militia hack version pro pack is using 2.5G of graphics with a little bit of gore when the character is murdered near towards the end.

The graphics for this game are a really basic and old school looking. However, the traps and effects for this game are designed decently.

The developers didn’t put much effort into the graphics of this game since there are many facilities and features to be focused on.

The best part of the Mini militia pro pack is its sound. Yeah! Who doesn’t love a good sound? Once other players kill your character, the trilling sound it makes is the most exciting and fun part of this game.

Install Game

There are various steps you need to take when downloading Mini Militia Pro MOD APK which are as followed:

  • Go to the settings on your phone and enable installation from unknown sources.
  • Download the required APK file.
  • Allow the app with the required permissions.
  • Install the game and start playing.

Permission required

Certain permissions are required from your phone to start the downloading process.  These permissions are listed down below:

  • Record audio and audio settings.
  • Wi-Fi connections.
  • Find contact on the device.
  • Receive data from the Internet.
  • Pair with Bluetooth devices.

Tips and Tricks for Pro Pack

mini militia multiplayerNo matter how many facilities you have in-game, tips and tricks can hike up your game reputation and rank well. Few tips and tricks are mentioned below:

  • Make sure you can get training and survival sessions from Solo Play Mode. This will help you to fight with the existing PRO players in the game.
  • If two players are attacking each other, try not to be a part of this battle.
  • Make use of double guns wisely.
  • In order to attack wisely, try hiding behind large trees.
  • This game offers automatically reloads. However, you will need to load your gun once before you start a battle.
  • The boring games can really distract you, so make sure you keep your avatar well dressed to have your eyes entertained all the time.

My Personal Experience

I personally had an amazing experience with MM’s new version hack with unlimited everything. It is one of the best online intense multiplayer games you can ever find on the play store.

Who doesn’t love free sessions? I love the fact that Coach Sarge provides training sessions and survival sessions before you get started with the game. This makes you a PRO in this game.

Doodle army 2 hack version found its soul because of its modified version since all the features are indescribable.

Obstacles can lead to lacking variations. However, under this one game, you can get Unlimited Health, Unlimited Nitro, Rare Weapons, and many more features.

Besides, this game is so lightweight. It only took 35.6 MB of storage on my phone like this is what a user wants: less storage and more fun! Anyone can get addicted to this game because of its easy access and understand overview.

Sahad IKR Mini Militia MOD APK Pro Pack

Mini Militia by Shahad Ikr is a modified version of the official game Mini Militia. Usually, developers like Shahad Ikr create a crack, hack, or MOD APK versions in order to fascinate the players.

Now, the question is why would anyone change the original application or game? The answer to this question is pretty transparent on its own.

A player loses its interest in the game if a game is extremely complicated or too easy to play. A balance in the game is vital for it to succeed. These MOD APKs creates a balance or a catch for the player not to lose interest in the game.

Download Mini Militia By Shahid

The concept of the official Mini Militia and the Mini Militia by Sahad Ikr is exactly the same except for some characteristics. This MOD APK has some extra features as compared to the official version of the game.

App NamePro Pack [unlimited]
Download pageview
Last Update1 day age.

Features of Sahad IKR Mini Militia

These characteristics work as a bonus for the players of Mini Militia. Mini Militia by Saheed Ikr has so many features such as unlimited health, limitless ammo, infinite nitro gas, unbounded gas bombs, etc. We have listed some of the features down below:

Mini Militia Pro Pack By Shahid:

One of the features introduced by Sahad Ikr in Mini Militia is Pro Pack. Pro Pack means that everything on the store for this MOD APK is free of a cost with everything unlimited.

All the items such as clothing, hairstyles, beard styles, shoes, guns, weapons, bombs, etc are free and completely limitless. Players can select any item of choice and surely take it for granted.

New Skin:

Mini Militia by Saheed Ikr added a thrilling and stimulating feature in his version of the game. This feature is the New Skin feature, which has a variety of new skin colors for you.

The original Mini Militia had only 4 options when it comes to the skin colors. These skin colors only included fair, light, medium, and dark. There was a lack of diversity in the original Mini Militia.

However, in Mini Militia by Sahad Ikr, this issue settled. Players can benefit from a vast variety of new skin colors. You will have to check out Mini Militia by Saheed Ikr yourself.

Customized avatar:

Mini Militia by Shahad Ikr doesn’t only enhance the new skin feature, but it also polishes the other possible features of an avatar. You get a variation when it comes to the hairstyles of the avatar, beard of the avatar, facial expressions of the avatar, etc.

Besides these, you can enjoy a variety of hamlets, brand new clothes, new costumes, glasses, and so many more customization. This customization is more than your expectation.

New Maps:

Taking about the variety, Mini Militia by Sahad Ikr got it all. Mini Militia by Sahad Ikr is offering three more exciting maps as compared to the original Mini Militia.  These three additional maps meaning that you can play three more new themes.

These three maps will make you obsessed with the Mini Militia. You can even dress up your avatar according to the theme of the selected map. Sounds fun!

View the opponent’s Health Bar:

The mega feature from the Mini Militia by Saheed Ikr is to be able to view the health bar of your enemy. This feature can’t get any more interesting than this. You can now view the health progress bar of your opponent.

This view will grant your knowledge about how strong or how weak your enemy is currently. With the help of this knowledge, you will get a surety towards victory, since you now know how badly you need to attack your enemy.

You can also compare your health progress bar with your enemy’s health progress bar. This comparison will help you to decide whether it’s worth attacking or worth letting it go.

Installing Shahid IKR Mod Pro Pack

In order to install the Mini Militia by Sahad Ikr, you need to make sure that your phone has enough internal or external storage. Before proceeding, please make sure that you have deleted the official Mini Militia or any other cracked versions of Mini Militia. Keeping any of these versions will not allow you to play Mini Militia by Sahad Ikr.

The steps for the installation of Mini Militia by Sahad Ikr are exactly similar to the Mini Militia. You will have to download and install the software or game from a trusted website. You also have provided a link for you to download this cracked version.

Don’t get in a fluster, it is saved to use for your phone. Once downloaded, give the required permissions. You can grant permissions from the settings of your phone. Go ahead and install the game.

Once installed, your game is ready to give you some limitless amusement and pleasure. I hope you enjoy!

Summary Of Shaid Mod:

Mini Militia by Sahad Ikr will construct another exciting chapter in your life. This light-weight application will not conflict with your phone’s storage a lot since it is less than 40 MB in total.

By downloading this cracked version, you will not face any issues regarding viruses or malicious attacks on your phone. You will be able to enjoy many features in this cracked version.

This article only includes some of these features mentioned above. There is much more than this. You will have to download this specific version in order to believe it. It’s like try it to believe it.

User Reviews About Mini Militia Pro Pack

This game has over 1 million downloads with a score of 4.4 out of 5. It is considered a fun and intensive game on the play store. The following are some reviews from the users who have downloaded and played this game in the past:

You all know MM mod by APK is now more interesting for both payers and Youtubers after a major update. Developers are hard-working to make the game even better. They do care about the community who really love DA2 more than any other game. Salute to developers for their hard work. I believe that soon this game will be a super hit. Thank you! John
This is a very entertaining game. It entertains me much. When I play this game, I can’t even tell how the tine was gone. Overall, this is a great game and one of my favorite games besides PUBG Mobile.Ella

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is modded Mini Militia APK safe?
Yes, it is 100% safe to use. It will not cause any problems such as hacking, account banning, or etc.
What is the latest version of the doodle army two mod?
Currently, the latest version of the hack game mini militia is v5.1.2, and it can be easily found in the play store. You can keep an eye on the play store to catch the latest updates.
Can I play with regular players using these hacks?
Yes, you can. The most interesting factor about Mini Militia hacked versions is that you can play with normal players, and beat them.
Is Shahad Ikr an official developer of Mini Militia?
No, he is not. The official developer of the game Mini Militia is Appsomniacs LLC. Like mentioned earlier in this article that many other developers or hackers create modified versions of many games including Mini Militia and Shahad Ikr is one of those developers.
How is Mini Militia by Shahad Ikr modified?
There is a certain file that downloads on your phone when you download the Mini Militia game. Many developers change the code of that specific file in order to create cracked versions of the games. Shahad Ikr has done the same process to get a hacked version of this game.


So that’s about it regarding the hack of mini Militia 2 pro pack. I hope this article made sense to you all, and you guys acknowledged everything needed to know about this game.

You can get everything unlimited, by downloading Mini Militia god mod pro pack which means you don’t ever have to worry about dying in this game. Fighting from the ground can get a little boring, so you get Unlimited Nitro, which means you can fly as much as you can.

Dressing up characters can boost up your energy. This game offers you this feature so you can enjoy a variety of changes within the same style.

The original game has limited weapons, which were so hard to get. However, the Mini Militia god mod pro version has everything unlimited access including epic weapons.

What else can you want from a game? So Hurry, and download the game to start your enjoyment. Here is a wrap!